where the wings take root

Last night I played at open mic at my favorite coffee shop! I haven't played in public in front of that many people like... ever. It was so nerve wracking! I've been trying to expand myself though and get outside my comfort zone, so I figured that'd be a sure way to get way outside my comfort zone. A bunch of friends showed up too, so it was nice that there were some friendly faces out there in the audience. I sang "It Ain't Me, Babe", "You Really Got A Hold On Me," by She & Him, and one of my original songs (actually, the only song I've ever finished, haha). Everyone said I did great, so I was super excited! Daniel recorded me on my camera so I'll upload those soon and you all can see me! I was like, "You have to record it, so I can prove I actually did it!" This outfit is a little bit rock and roll with the boots, leather jacket, and shredded t-shirt.. maybe that's what made me decide to just go for it and do open mic! Hm....

top/DIY :: jacket/vintage :: shorts + tights/target :: boots/dolce vita for target

While we're on the subject of music, I got the new Radiohead album yesterday. So good. I think so far my favorite tracks so far are Lotus Flower, Codex, and Giving up the Ghost. I pretty much just listened to it on repeat all afternoon, haha. It reminded me that I lost some of my older Radiohead albums when my iPod crashed and lost all my music. I need to get my hands on Kid A, OK Computer and The Bends. I have pieces of them, but not the whole albums, ugh! But, If you want to get your little hands on the new album, go here!