those girls are effortlessly cool

Straight hair--whaat? Haha. Well, kind of. My hair isn't really a fan of being straight, so after one night of sleeping on it, it starts to get wavy again. Today I was sitting outside a coffee shop and this guy walking by says something like, "Man, those boots are really great. No really, they're awesome." I guess when my hair isn't big and curly people start commenting on my footwear! Now I feel like I have to experiment- do people notice my outfit more on days when my hair isn't stealing the spotlight? Haha. He walked by later a second time and said, "The boots are still awesome." Human beings are hilarious.

When I wear outfits like this I feel like a super cool badass chick that younger me would've thought was super cool. I never felt like I had that effortless coolness that some girls did. Like, the mussed hair, tattoos, electric guitar playing chicks that went to all the shows and knew the bands. I wanted to be her. But I always felt like I came off like I was trying, which is the opposite of effortless coolness.

I guess I don't feel like I'm trying anymore, but maybe it's because I really don't care. I just wear what I want to wear, and that's that. I guess those cool girls already knew that, but highschool-me was not super self-confident. I'm just glad I am who I am nowadays, and I can't wait to grow some more.

jeans/courtesy of jessica simpson :: jacket/vintage :: boots/target :: top/DIY :: scarf/gift

Every once in a while, when I get in a badass mood, I drag out my old leather jacket. I feel like I need to wear it more because I always feel super-cool when I have it on. I love the diagonal pleats on the front and the white interior. The little buttons are from various places. I have a polaroid sx-70 one, an Against Me! one, a Spirit Skate Shop one, one I got from an air show (a tiny F-22 jet), the state of Alaska, and a Navy pin.

These jeans are my absolute favorite. I need to get a second pair of them so when this pair wears out I'll have a back up. Jeans are so hard to buy for my body because my ass takes one size, my waist needs another size, and my height needs another size still! So generally if jeans fit my butt, they won't fit my waist and will be way to long. Or if they fit my waist and are the right length, they're super tight on my thighs/butt... which I feel like is an area where not many people like wearing super tight clothes, me included. Unless you're a speed skater or something.