summer lovin'

Last night I was going through my iPhoto archives and I stumbled upon this set of outfit shots that I never posted! They're from last summer, so don't get too jealous of the weather here. It's still way too chilly for bare legs like this! I remember back when I took them I didn't really like the outfit, so I threw them out and posted something else. I'm glad I found them! It makes me a bit nostalgic for summers in Alaska.
I rarely wear this dress anymore for some reason, but buying this dress was kind of a turning point in my wardrobe. I distinctly remember shopping at Nordstrom rack and buying a complete outfit, then wearing it out that night to a show and feeling so put together and stylish. Kind of silly but I really remember that instance quite vividly.

dress/nordstrom rack :: top (dress)/forever 21 :: shoes/darlingtonia moccasins

I yesterday was reading Kaelah's post about "having an affair" with something that you don't usually do/wear and it reminded me of something I was thinking of this past weekend. I was thinking about the concept of practicality. Sometimes I think people get caught up in this idea that everything they wear has to be practical, but I think that really limits creativity. Maybe a pair of shoes, or a pair of glasses, or a top isn't necessarily "practical," but that doesn't mean it isn't fun to wear! And isn't liking your outfit, or feeling good in what your wearing practical in some sense? I feel like it's totally practical to dress in a way that makes me feel awesome. If that means I'm riding my bike in wedges and a skirt, so be it. I feel great, and I'm loving life- THAT'S practical.

Go check out Kaelah's post. I really liked what she was saying about stretching yourself out of your comfort zone and trying things about which you have previously said, "I'd never do/wear...."