INDIE: The 2011 Independent Bloggers E-Conference!

I'm so thrilled to finally reveal this! I've been working on this idea for a while, so I'm really excited about letting you guys in on it. As I'm sure most of you know, New York Fashion Week is coming up next week running from 2/10 through 2/17, and while I had a blast attending fashion week in February and September of 2010, I most definitely cannot afford going this time. I learned so much at the conferences I attended, both the IFB and the Chictopia10 conferences. I got to thinking about how so many bloggers, especially younger or just-getting-started ones, either don't have the money to go, or aren't sure they want to make that kind of commitment to blogging yet, but would still love to be able to learn about the things talked about at blogger conferences. So I teamed up with Tieka, from Selective Potential, to see if she's be interested in putting on a sort of online blogger e-conference. She was equally excited about the concept and so we went to work putting together this week-long fashion week extravaganza of information especially for fashion and style bloggers! If you're not a fashion or personal style blogger, don't write it off, though! There's a ton of great information for any blogger looking to improve their blog.

The e-conference runs for the entire week of NYFW, with multiple seminars posted every day. Each day has a theme for the seminars, ranging from taking outfit photos with a tripod & self-timer, to HTML tricks, monetizing your blog, and so much more! You'll get videos, how-to tutorials, links to other resources, plus bonus content about organizing your wardrobe and other style blogging tips! For those of you bummed out that you won't be able to attend the blogger conferences in New York, cheer up! The beauty of the web is that we don't need a physical place to meet up (and it's significantly cheaper than gas or airfare!). Plus, as a bonus to signing up for the e-conference, you'll automatically be entered in giveaways to win great prizes during the week, including an iFlip camera!

The cost of the conference is $25 and you can register through paypal by clicking the "sign up!" button below. After we receive payment, you'll be sent your login info via email and once February 10th hits, logon and get ready for some serious awesomeness! Each day during NYFW, new seminars will be posted and they'll be available after that for you to view at any time!