here and there.

Today is an exciting day! First off, the INDIE blogger e-conference starts today! I'm so thrilled to finally have it hit the ground running and all of your guys' enthusiasm about it has made me even more excited! If you haven't signed up for it yet and want to, don't worry, you can continue to sign up for during the week! The sessions go up each day, but they'll stay up for good and you can go back and look at the sessions from previous days.

I also have my training for Freckled Nest today so I should be ready to start taking on clients next week! If you're interested in having me or any of the wonderfully talented designers on the Freckled Nest team do a blog makeover for you, check out the Freckled Nest site for more info!

These photos are from various outings during the past week. I've been making an effort to carry my camera almost everywhere I go. I really want to get better at capturing moments, and whenever I leave my camera at home I get mad because inevitably there ends up being something I want to photograph! Dan has also been really enjoying borrowing my camera and grabbing some snaps here and there. I love seeing his photos because he has a different eye for photos than I do. I actually really enjoy when other people grab my camera and take photos (as long as they don't break it! I have a strict "you break it, you buy it" policy, haha). It's fun to get home and download a bunch of photos I didn't take.

I took my vintage Olympus OM-1 out the other night to finish off a roll of film that has been in there FOR-EV-ER. There are Brave photos on there and I'm aching to get them developed! Do any local folks have suggestions for really great places to develop film and get prints? I had a place in Anchorage that was incredible and I swore by them but I have yet to find somewhere in T-Town!

(someone on facebook said that the photo of Daniel and I up there should be used for a high end Irish whisky billboard or some Irish travel website or something, haha! I guess our redheadedness makes us look like an Irish pair! One day I'll go back to black and I'll be fake-Irish no more.)

P.S. The Winner of the INDIE giveaway is Chelsea!