the breakdown

I hope you guys had a good Valentines! I ... did not. Not because it was a bad Valentine's Day, it was just a bad day that happened to end up on V-day. Which was a bummer MAJOR because then Dan felt horrible as if he had done something. Nope. Just me. And my ridiculous brain/hormones going ape-shit crazy on me and causing me to cry off and on for hours. I'm feeling better and more normal now though! Not before cutting my hair, though. I feel like this is a girl thing: does anyone else cut their hair when they are having an emotional/life crisis? I do it pretty much every time. This time: new bangs in the style of the great Bettie Page! I've wanted to try a Bettie fringe for a long time but wasn't sure about it, I really like them! We'll see how ridiculous they look curly... I may have to go back to straightening them every day for a bit. I think they're pretty fun though!