Blog Launch! // Fixed & Dilated

Exciting news! I've started a new blog! Well, not just me-- Dan and I! Today Daniel and I were chatting over coffee about how we really love biking as a lifestyle and want to somehow promote and advocate biking in Tacoma (and the Pacific Northwest area in general). We also were talking about how much we love beer and are stoked that there are so many craft beer breweries in the Northwest. Long story short, we decided that it would be really sweet to start a local bike + beer blog. Showcase local bikers, give info on biking/bike gear/local bike events, do reviews of bike gear and craft beer, document booze cruises, feature Northwest breweries, and of course I'd love to feature the street style of some of the local cyclists. We're trying to get a bike polo team started for the summer, too, which would be really fun to document! Anywho, I nearly lost my mind with excitement (I might have a slight blogging obsession) and spent the next four hours while he was at work sitting at the coffee shop constructing this blog and am now launching it! I know, a little bit whirlwind, but I'm a bit spontaneous when it comes to this kind of stuff. So! If any of you are Northwesterners (is that a word?), or just bike or beer enthusiasts, you should totes check it out and follow it!

In honor of this momentous occasion, I thought I'd do a bit of a bike/beer feature here on Delightfully Tacky! Here are some lovely bike + beer themed finds from Modcloth!