Ack! Let's all take a chill pill.

Okay, comments on my last post are getting a little out of hand. What I meant to highlight about the comment I received was not that I was upset at the commenter, but that I realized the difference of where my life is now versus one year ago and the evolution of this blog along with it. And while I understand that the commenter may not have meant their comment to be hurtful or rude, calling someone who you've never met personally "self-important" is not really a constructive criticism, nor does it seem to be offered out of love in a way that would promote growth. Yes, I am posting a bit more about what I'm up to, places I go and people I hang out with, but I also love posting about my artwork, outfits, DIY posts, and so on.

I wasn't trying to focus on the negativity, it was just an opportunity for me to reflect on my life and where I've been/where I am now. I never meant to wage a war against anonymous commenters, frequently my anonymous commenters leave wonderful and supportive comments.