the weight of being

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted! I didn't anticipate being so busy, and I'm kind of in mourning right now while my camera lens is being fixed. Consequently, I haven't taken any photos since I've been back in Tacoma. Hopefully soon I'll get some though! Gotta get back in the groove. Until then, here are some more photos I took with my Holga on the Brave trip.

Life back in Tacoma is
sweet. My mom let me take her vintage road bike from home, so I have a new mode of transportation! I can't believe how amazing it is. I feel like I'm flying. My old cruiser weighed a ton and was quite possibly the most inefficient vehicle ever. Upgrade!

In all the hullabuloo of getting back to Tacoma, I almost forgot to post the winner of the
Whats Up Irony giveaway! The winner is...

She was chosen as the winner of the giveaway using the random number generator at Congrats!