summer breeze makes me feel fine

In July, we moved out of our house to let some missionaries stay there while they were home on furlough. We lived in a small house in downtown Anchorage for a few months, which was actually really fun. I biked to the market, found new photo-taking spots, and enjoyed living in a smaller house. Our family got Simon, who was so tiny back then! Now he's huge (and only 7 months old!), and pretty much towers over Little Bit, who can actually walk under him.

I took my first real test run at camping in the Brave-- hooking it up to water/power, making sure everything was ship-shape. It was exciting! Of course, now it's all just totally routine, but at the time I was so thrilled! At the end of August I quit my job to do final preparations for the Brave trip, and bought my plane ticket to go to NYFW in September.

September was a big month in the world of Delightfully Tacky! I went to New York Fashion week for the second time, which was a whirlwind of excitement. I roomed with Tieka, which awesome. It was like going to camp, and we even slept in bunk beds! While I was there I went to the IFB and Chictopia10 conferences, got to party with friends, bopped around NYC for Fashion's Night Out, and did a photoshoot with Market Publique. Just a week after getting home from NYFW I hopped in my little Brave and took off into the wild blue yonder!