one one one one

We had a pretty awesome New Years Eve celebration at home. Dad went and bought a bunch of fireworks for us to set off, and we had a delicious feast for dinner. Then we all snowmachined* around the lake to look at people setting their fireworks off earlier in the evening. Fireworks have been illegal in Anchorage for as long as I can remember (though people shoot them off anyway), but since they were legalized this year there were tons being shot off all over the city! It was really amazing to see. Dad and I were the fireworks duo this year and my hands still smell like the powder from setting them off. Post-firework-viewing we headed inside to warm up and celebrate with some bubbly! I hope your NYE was amazing! Did anyone get a new years kiss? I've never had one! Oh well, there's always next year!

*for those of you who aren't Alaskan, snowmachines are what most people call "snowmobiles." I've never heard any Alaskan call it a snowmobile though- so now you know, if you come to AK and call it a snowmobile, everyone will know you're from out-of-state.