DIY // paper bunting

Yesterday I decided I needed some bunting in my life. I made some for the Winne and I remember some of you asking me to do a DIY post on how I made it, so I documented my process yesterday! It's super easy and a pretty quick project. All you need to make your own cute bunting is a pair of scissors, tape, thumbtacks, string and some pretty paper!

Start by cutting out a triangle with a little tab on the top. I made my bunting one sided, since you won't see the back. Once you have one cut out, use it as a template for the rest of of them. To figure out how many to make, I cut my string to the length I needed it, layed it on the ground and measured how many would fit. I put a few inches between each one.

Once you have them all cut out, fold over the top tab, tape it to the string at the crease, then fold the tab down and tape it. Once you've taped all of them, you're ready to hang it! Tie a little loop on each end of the string and use thumbtacks to put it up. Easy as that! I also made a tiny version for my door and wrote my name on it.
There yah go! Now go forth and make cute bunting for your room!