DIY // gold leaf nails

A couple people asked about my nails in my post yesterday. I was gold leafing some art the other day and I decided to see if I could gold leaf my nails! Turns out you totally can. I don't know how safe it is (is gold leaf bad for you?), but I love the look. I've never been able to find gold chrome nail polish, but the gold leaf really gives you the look. It's not super durable, at least not in my experience, but it sure does make me feel like a Babylonian queen or something! Haha. It's really easy to do, you basically just get the gold leaf and the adhesive from a craft store like Michaels and follow the directions like you would if you were using it on any other surface. I decided to just do half my nails to cover up the growth from my acrylics since I already had gold sparkly nail polish on, but it'd be super cool to do the whole nail. After gold leafing I did some coats of clear coat to protect it and keep it from coming off right away.