third time's the charm

Yes, I'm wearing this dress again. I promise I've worn different things this week! I just have been enjoying styling this up differently, and it's so damn comfortable. It's basically like wearing pajamas-- that comfortable.

The other day I helped my mom go through her closet to try and get her to revamp her life. She is very cute and small and keeps thinking she can't wear certain things or says that they are too small to wear anymore, and I'm like, "No! Not true!" Anyway, this cardigan thing is from her closet. It's really comfy. I borrowed it under the pretense that I'm "showing her how to style it." Not really, I just borrowed it and am pretending that's the reason. Haha!

The hat is something I've wanted for a long time. I love hats and I want to acquire a lot more. I've wanted a wide brimmed floppy-ish hat for over a year and I finally thrifted one! Oh, and you'll probably notice my mane is a smidge more tame than usual. I had to trim my bangs, which meant straightening them, so I just decided to straighten everything. Typically I dislike seeing my hair straight but I liked it this time! Maybe I'll straighten it a bit more in 2011. I think I like my hair straight better as a redhead than when I would straighten it with my natural color. Not sure why!

autumn ambiance dress/courtesy of modcloth :: cardigan/mom's :: hat/thrifted
tights & boots/target :: necklace/handmade

I made cupcakes last night for the first time ever! I got a bug in my brain about it and then in the late afternoon, I just put down the book I was reading, searched out a recipe in my mom's plethora of cookbooks, and started baking my heart out! I made two dozen of the most incredible cupcakes I've ever tasted. I know that sounds like I'm tooting my own horn, but I was seriously blown away! From scratch too! I was impressed with myself. I made icing from scratch too. Go me! Unfortunately I made them in a whirl of impulsiveness so I didn't take any photos. I'll definitely be making more in the future though! Now I have a fridge full of cupcakes and I'm certainly not going to eat them all..