the sky is falling

The past two days I've been set up in Eloy, AZ at Skydive Arizona, where I stopped in to meet my best friend's boyfriend. She lives in Ohio, and he just moved to Arizona to work at this skydiving place and hopefully eventually snag a spot as a tunnel instructor at the indoor skydiving tunnel.

As I get closer to the end of my travels, it is odd to think that my days won't be occupied with staring down a stretch of highway. I'm so used to my day consisting waking up and driving. It will be odd to be living the stationary life again, like pretty much everyone else. I'm excited for it though, and ready. Also, I'm almost broke and I need a job, haha!

top/scrapbook :: jeans/pac sun :: scarf/pashmina :: cardigan/target :: boots/thrifted

It's definitely starting to get colder, especially at night. The days have been nice, in the 60s and sometimes 70s, but at night it's been getting down below freezing. I complained a bit about the heat and humidity of the south, but it was nice not having to turn the heat on at night! I'm actually looking forward to getting to see snow when I fly home for Christmas. I miss my snowy photo shoots from last winter! This has been like the longest summer of my life. I guess for people who live down here, this is "winter" for them, but for me, this is basically just bonus summer! That will fade quickly, though, as I head up towards Washington.

I was hoping to maybe go skydiving for the first time ever, but when I got there it was super windy and so they'd shut down tandem jumps for the day. Then tandems weren't happening the next two days, so instead I went in their indoor skydiving tunnel which was awesome. It simulates a free fall, so instead of only getting like a minute of free fall like you would in a real jump, you could essentially be free falling forever! I went for four minutes and it was really really cool. You can really see how to manipulate your body to make it fly and go where you want it to go. Just by adjusting little positions of your body you can fly up or down, all around! Of course, it takes a lot of training to master the techniques and I pretty much just floated around and managed to fly up and down a bit. It was super exhilarating. If you're ever near Tucson or Phoenix, head to Eloy and take a trip in the tunnel!

While I didn't get to skydive for real, I did get to watch lots of people floating down from the heavens beneath their little colorful parachutes!