new lease on life

There was a break in the rain this afternoon, so I did a quick photo set while it wasn't pouring down. This little dress is actually a vintage muumuu that I picked up a long time ago in Spokane. There were two matching muumuus, this one and one that had a pink color scheme, so for some crazy reason (it was college) my friend Anna and I decided that it would be a great idea to buy them. They ended up being worn to multiple parties by multiple people, some of which were our guy friends, resulting in the armpits being torn (which I need to stitch up one of these days). I found it in storage the other day and thought it would make a cute minidress. So, add some scissors and a few minutes later I had a new dress! Part of me wants to belt this with a huge bow belt like Keiko's. At first I was like, "No, that'd be over the top" and then I was like, "oh wait, I'm wearing a crazy 70's print muumuu. Nevermind!"

dress/altered vintage muumuu :: tights/courtesy of modcloth :: shoes/minnetonka

One thing that I really want to do (and maybe I'll make this a "new year's resolution") is to try to cook something from a recipe at least once a week. I had kind of forgotten about wanting to do that but today I was at a bookstore and saw this book and the photos of the food made my mouth absolutely water. I think I need delicious photos to motivate me to actually do it. But! If I do in fact end up following through with this whole cooking thing, I'll for sure try to document it on this here blog! I've done it a little bit in the past and enjoyed sharing my cooking triumphs. I'm terrible at doing scheduled weekly posts, so I'm not promising that there'll be a weekly cooking triumph post, but I'm gonna make an effort! Y'all can keep me accountable or something. And if you have a delicious recipe I should try making, by all means, tell me about it!