west in my veins

I got this dress in Little Rock with Starr when we went thrifting. I feel a little ridiculous in it, and I think maybe I look ridiculous too because when I was walking through the store I kept getting stares. Haha. Yes, I am wearing a bright orange dress with a pleated skirt and shoulder pads. I kind of want to alter this dress to take off the sleeves- which is odd because I usually love dresses with sleeves, but the shoulder pads are too big for me and I think the dress would be overall more wearable without sleeves. Okay, mere moments after I said that I cut the sleeves off. I like it better. Yay! Now I can wear it with cardigans and not look like a cross between a linebacker and a cheerleader.

dress/thrifted :: shoes/minnetonka

My creativity when it comes to outfits has been extremely lacking. I've been not getting enough sleep, and then when I'm not just wearing the same thing I slept in, I revert to wearing a dress with this belt, one of my many pairs of moccasins, and either these nylons or my polka dot ones. Clearly I'm a creative genius. I'm really looking forward to getting back to an area where it actually feels like fall. I've discovered that I do not care much for the south or east coasts. Nothing against them, I am just incongruous with them.

I realized today that it's in my blood to move westward. Pretty much all of my ancestors made huge journeys towards the west. Perhaps there is a manifest destiny running in my veins. My great and great great grandfathers were seafaring men who spent their lives traveling on the ocean, eventually ending up in Alaska. My grandmother left her home in Pennsylvania, became a midwife in the backcountry of Kentucky on horseback before traveling up the AlCan in a Jeep up to Alaska. My other great grandparents moved west to California from the midwest. And I guess even my Mom moved west from California- up to Alaska! There is a north-westward flow in my blood, and I'm heading that way. It feels right.