time is falling westward

I feel like last week I had rather verbose posts, and now I'm just tired of writing words. I guess I emptied my brain out. It'll fill up again in no time.
A couple nights ago I was planning on driving all night, so I stopped at WalMart and got some chips and RockStar to keep me company through the night (because that's standard all-nighter fuel), but I ended up staying at WalMart that night because I was low on oil and so I did a bit of maintenance. And then a really nice WalMart security guard talked to me for a while, and I just felt like I wasn't supposed to go. I had already started drinking the RockStar, though, so the caffeine had done its damage and in a drug-induced quasi-frenzy I made a little DIY bunting for the back of the Winne and then plotted out every day of the rest of my trip. Of course, now I'm second guessing whether or not I should go through with the itinerary I set forth for myself (I made it so that I got back to Sacramento for Thanksgiving with my family).
Regardless, I know where I'm headed in the immediate future, so I guess that's good enough for now. I'm thinking I'm gonna be broke before I anticipated, but then again, I've been driving non-stop since I left Alaska. I was looking at a map of my entire trip to date on google maps, and I zoomed out so I could see the whole world and I realized that the distance I've gone so far on this trip is further than it is for you to drive from the top of Africa to the bottom (if that were possible).

shorts/forever 21 :: top/thrifted :: cardigan/target
hat/nordstrom :: boots/minnetonka

This outfit was actually inspired by Tieka's outfit from earlier this week. I didn't have all the pieces that she styled, but I tried to use what I have in my tiny Brave closet to get the same kind of vibe. I adore the shoes she's wearing in that post, ah, if only a) I had money for them, and b) I had an address where I could actually get mail. I wonder how much mail is piling up for me at home... I suspect lots of junk mail and bills. Yuck.

It's funny thinking that this is November. Back home it's snowing all the time and the temperatures are hovering around freezing. I much prefer outfit pictures in the 60+ degree weather I've been enjoying down here.