sixty one degrees north

Just before I left on my trip, I did a photo shoot and interview with the Anchorage Daily News for their winter issue of 61 North Magazine. The issue finally just came out at the end of October, and I was really excited to be featured! It was the first time I'd ever been featured by any sort of local Alaskan press! It's kind of funny because there aren't many style bloggers in Alaska- in fact the only other style blogger I know of is Danielle, the other blogger who was featured. It was nice to meet her, finally, after having known of her for quite some time. Even though we only lived about an hour apart, we never ended up getting together except for that one day for the ADN photo shoot.

We both styled five or six outfits, and I was kind of bummed because only 3 outfits were shown in the issue! Two of mine and one of Danielle's. Luckily we were given a disc of all the photos, so I can show you guys the other outfits we came up with! This one is actually in the issue, but there's only one photo of it, so I thought I'd show the other ones and close ups. I wish I'd been able to keep these boots, I love the color and all the straps, plus they were really comfy.

I have a few more outfits from this shoot to share, so I'll try to intersperse them throughout the coming weeks.

cardigan/old navy :: boots/wet seal :: dress/nordstrom :: socks/forever 21

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in the Nashville area, doing some errands (a trip to the post office to mail of some Delightful Dozen goodies!), and then meeting up with Kaelah from Little Chief Honeybee! I always love meeting up with blog friends, it's so great to meet in person people whom I've spent months- if not years- "hanging out" with online. We grabbed some coffee at Starbucks, chatted in the Winne, and she gave me some wonderful mixtapes!