don't think twice, it's alright

I'm not in the habit of responding to anonymous comments, but someone who shall remain nameless because... well, they're anonymous, left a comment last night and brought up some interesting points. Let's recap the comment first:
"You're stupid if you think blogs like yours are making a difference in the world in any important way. Why not try helping people or animals that need help, instead of running around taking pictures of your newest little skirt and talking about how great it is because you have to pretend to love it since your sponsor sent it to you. Idiot."
She (I'll just call them "she" since we don't know) argues that I am not making a difference in the world in an important way. I've never claimed to make any difference in the world through this blog, though I always hope my blog inspires people to do what they love and to not be afraid of chasing after dreams like I did with the Winnebago. I think what she was responding to was my assertion that the Style Diaries book is an acknowledgement that fashion bloggers in general are impacting the fashion world. I don't claim that bloggers are changing the world in any sort of major way, though it is great that people have a place they can express themselves in the same way that any creative endeavor would. I wouldn't really even call my blog a fashion blog, even though many of my posts show photos of my outfits. I don't really like the fashion world and I can't relate to people who buy one item of clothing for hundreds of dollars. Most of my wardrobe has been thrifted or bought on sale, with the occasional item gifted to me by a sponsor (which I always disclose).

dress/forever 21 :: boots & cardigan/target :: belt/thrifted

And while we're on the subject of sponsored items, don't for a second think that I ever pretend to like anything just because it was sent to me by a sponsor. In fact all of the items that have been sent to me I've hand chosen- so of course I like them! And if the quality was low or the item wasn't what I expected it to be, better believe I wrote about it (and I have). I won't tell anyone to go out and buy shitty clothes just because someone paid me to. Hello, unethical behavior. Bloggers who do that give everyone a bad name and I will have nothing to do with it.

As for helping animals and people, that's just making an assumption about my life beyond blogging that is inappropriate, rude, and inaccurate. Just because I don't write about something on my blog doesn't mean I don't do it. If this blog was about my philanthropic endeavors, then sure, but this is my creative outlet where I enjoy posting pictures, art, and travels. Anon says it best herself in her follow-up comment, "So, while I do have time every once in a while to browse the internet, it by no means says whether or not I am doing positive things in my non-internet life."

Further in her follow-up comment she writes,
"I apologize if I don't consider being published in a book about something as superficial as clothing being positive in anyone's life. Show me how a one hundred dollar dress saved someone's life, kept them from losing their home, or kept an animal from being abused, and I'll rescind my comment. Otherwise, my point remains strong."
I could see how it would seem odd to see clothing as anything but superficial, and for the most part, I agree that clothing is pretty superficial. For me, style (which I consider totally different from fashion) is all about expressing yourself, who you are, your creativity. This is different for everyone and many people could care less about expressing themselves through their clothing. No matter what, though, you are expressing some part about yourself through what you put on in the morning. I enjoy putting on clothes in the morning that express my mood, or give me a certain feeling. This doesn't mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars on designer clothes, or never wear something twice- I have some of the same clothes I had in middle school. Everything I wear I've worn before. My closet is very small and I enjoy the challenge of reworking different items to look differently than the last time I wore it. I don't spend more than 10 minutes getting ready in the morning.

I mean, you have to put on clothes every day anyway, right? Everyone does it. You wake up, you shuffle to your closet, you put on clothes. Why not be creative about it? I'm not saying you need to spend money on clothes and I'm not saying clothes are "important." By all means they are certainly not as important as helping people or animals! But I do think that expressing yourself through your clothing and being creative can definitely have a positive influence on people's lives! I don't think a $100 dress ever saved anyone's life, or any animal, but I've never said that one would. I don't even own a dress that I've spent that much money on.

I'm not perfect, and nor is anyone else. I don't claim to know it all, I'm just on this journey of life like everyone else and I'm hoping to make the most of it. It's a learning process, sometimes painful, though hopefully more often than not it's full of passion and joy.