Oregon Girl

I've been taking tons of pictures of the coastline. It probably gets a little bit repetitive after a while, but I can't not take pictures of it, it's gorgeous! I love the haze of the sea mist along the coast. It gives everything this ethereal glow. I took a series of pictures and turned them into a panorama. Panoramas always annoy me because they seem to only look cool if they are super huge. Unfortunately the impact is lost on a computer screen.

These are pictures from my adventure to the Tillamook Cheese factory. Fact=I adore factory tours. It's true. My mom does too, haha! I just love watching the inner workings, seeing all the conveyer belts and people doing their little jobs, and seeing the product go from something raw to something complete and fully packaged. It's like magic! Assembly lines make my insides get all excited, haha. And who can see an assembly line like this one and not think of that infamous scene from I Love Lucy?
On our family RV trip in '07 we drove our Four Winds RV to the Four Winds factory in Elkhart, Indiana and went on a factory tour of the Four Winds facility and saw how they build our exact RV! It was so cool. Maybe I just like seeing how things work, how they're put together. It fascinates me.

Sometimes I wish I could hug the Brave. I need a tiny plush replica of it. Oh my goodness, I would die. A squishy, soft version of the Brave? Toooo cuuuuute. I imagine it would be adorable like the tiny soft Earth that I found over a year ago. Dear universe, please provide me with such an item. Kthxbye.