the irresistible lure

Last summer for two weeks my mom, brothers and I went on an RV trip around the Olympic Peninsula, and we happened upon Long Beach. It was a really fun little coastal town and had the feeling of one of those east coast boardwalk towns. I really wanted to come back and see it again because I really loved it. I'm sure in the summer it's just swingin' and full of people having fun on the beach. Now that it's October, it was pretty quiet. I camped in a little place right off of the main street and had planned on waking up early and biking around the town, possibly getting some breakfast. I ended up sleeping in because I was feeling really sick and feverish. I'm still pretty sniffly, but I'm feeling better now.

skirt/courtesy of modcloth :: t-shirt/american apparel :: scarf/vintage
shoes/thrifted :: hat/claires :: shades/gas station

My brain is so fantastical that it decided it would be an excellent idea to drive on the beach and take a picture of the Brave, looking all majestic on the coast. Lots of people drive on the beach, and we'd done it last summer in our Honda CRV, so I convinced myself I could totally do it in the Brave. As I was walking to the Brave to get in and drive onto the beach I said to myself, "you are going to get stuck on the beach and hate yourself" and then my brain was all, "What-ever! The pictures are going to be so epic!".
One hour later the Brave was getting towed out of the sand by an amazing old guy and his big dodge truck. Yup. I wish I had pictures of myself on my hands and knees digging the sand out from around the rear tires. I felt like a jackass, but I mean, I guess I knew it was going to happen? My tires dug themselves about 8 inches into the sand as I tried to leave. Let me tell you, getting stuck in sand is not the same as getting stuck in snow. I'm a pro at driving in snow (though I'd rather not even try it in the Brave). Oh blog, the things I do for you. The irresistible lure of a photo-op got me! I'll try to avoid such shenanigans in the future.

After my mishap on the beach I was pretty much ready to leave Long Beach. I headed south to Astoria and decided to stop for some lunch. I pulled into Safeway to grab some groceries and they were having a little cookout by the front door as a fundraiser for Breast Cancer research. $3.o0 for a burger, chips and a drink! Soooo delicious! I took my little plate back to the Brave and enjoyed my "homecooked" burger. While I was sitting in the Brave a cool looking dude knocked on my door to inform me my lights were on (this happens all the time..ugh. I turn them on during the day and forget they are on when I stop somewhere). It turns out he is looking into getting a '72 Brave! Kindred spirits! He asked me how I liked my Brave and I of course sung its praises, haha. It's kind of funny how many people like Braves. I thought I was a bit of an oddity, but it seems their charm is pretty far-reaching!