Vintage Vibes

When Tieka and I were walking around NYC on one of our last days in the city, we happened across a couple vintage shops. It was so amazing to actually be in a place that had legit vintage stores, unlike Anchorage, where it's mostly just thrift stores which mean only a few awesome vintage finds now and then). My love for vintage clothing was again solidified and I really wish I lived in a place where there was a better vintage selection. Maybe at the end of the Brave trip I'll find myself living in a place where vintage thrives! But for now, my vintage thirst can only be satisfied online (even though I can't afford to buy any clothes until the Brave trip is over. Gas tank takes precedence over clothes...). I love that the internet has provided such great places to buy vintage, like Market Publique, Etsy, Ebay, etc.

Since I can't actually buy anything for a while, here are some of my favorite dresses from LA Vintage for you guys to ogle and perhaps buy so I can live vicariously through you....

While my favorite are dresses (why do I always gravitate towards dresses? I don't know... I just do!), they also have everything from skirts to shoes as well as a whole assortment of accessories. Check it out!