Searching for a Former Clarity

Yesterday was nice not having anything planned. I woke up at 2 pm(!), and Tieka and I just kind of wandered around a bit. It was nice to not have to be anywhere or remember anything. We both had received a gift card in the IFB Conference goodie bags to this shop near our hotel, so we decided to check it out. The gift cards were for $100, which we thought was amazing at first, but the we realized that it was probably one of those places where everything was over $1,000. Turned out we were right. I ended up getting this little purse that was $100 exactly, and I actually do like it. I'll have to post it some times. It feels so weird having something like that- so expensive, but just so small and simple. I'm just such a frugal person, it blows my mind that anyone could spend over a grand on something like a dress. I wouldn't even spend that much on my wedding dress!

top/scrapbook :: skirt/free people :: shoes/marketpublique :: necklace/handmade

During our wanderings, Tieka and I happened upon a Gelato place we'd walked by a few times before (and had been pining after each time we walked by) and so we decided it was time to indulge in some cool, delectable treats! I got an espresso flavored cone, which was absolutely divine! It was the perfect addition to a warm afternoon in NYC.
After our afternoon stroll, Tieka and I met up with Annie from Little Ocean Annie, Morgan from Morgan and Lua, and Annie from Time Enough for Drums at Hill Country Barbeque for some a delicious final meal in New York. I'll tell you what, nothing was as refreshing as that first sip of PBR, haha! Sometimes a beer and barbeque is just what you need!

I am so excited to go home. Last night I was literally giddy about it. I am actually more excited to go home than I was to come here! Haha. Oh well. It really was a blast being here, seeing everyone in person, and partaking in all the festivities, but I am so ready for home. I want my brain to be full of Winnebago stuff, not fashion week stuff. Flying home will probably be tiring but at least when I get home I will be able to fully relax. I feel like I could never totally relax in New York. It's like there's this constant background static of the city. I will be excited to step outside again and just hear bugs and wind...

photos of me taken by Tieka