Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

Yesterday was the last day of the Alaska State Fair, so my mom, brother and I decided to brave the crowds to complete the annual tradition of attending the fair. Luckily it was a beautiful day (unlike the past two days, which have been cold and rainy), so it was a perfect day to attend! I also love going to the fair because on the last weekend is the state fair horse show, which I competed in for years. It's the last show of the summer circuit up here in Alaska and a fun ending to the few months of competition we get up here. So I got to visit my old barn and talk to my trainer, which was nice. Apparently there was a $1,000 Jumper Classic class going on later that afternoon, and I joked to her that I was ready to go- put me on, sign me up! I always did really well in the classes that had money prizes for some reason. She was always like, "you can smell the cash!" Haha. I do miss it terribly. Maybe I'll try to download my old horse show photos from the family computer and do a horse post someday. It really was the dominant feature of my life for about 10 years. I wish I could go back to competing again. When I was little I wanted to be an Olympic Equestrian, haha!

On another equine note, as soon as we walked into the fair we saw this crazy show going on with these gypsy-esque performers doing all sorts of gymnastics on horseback. I decided that when I join the circus, I'm totally going to be a gypsy horse girl. I totally have gypsy-horse-girl hair, am I right? Ugh, so much fun. I love me a costume, and those girls had bomb costumes.

And of course the fair wouldn't be the fair without enormous vegetables. That pumpkin set a new Alaska state record at 1101 lbs! How do you even grow a pumpkin that big? Amazing.

Then, there's the fair food.. I only really go to the fair for two things: salmon quesadillas and the chocolate dipped ice cream covered in oreo. Mmmm! Apparently taking a picture with food makes me do the following expression:

Haha, what's with the smirk? It's like I'm kind of smug about consuming delicious food or something. Well, it was delicious. We also got chocolate dipped bacon... ... yeah. Well, we had to! Just to try it. It tasted like bacon dipped in chocolate. My mind wasn't blown. But seriously, only at the fair can you find such a thing. I'm glad I went to the fair though! It's fun to people watch. Slightly frightening, but definitely amusing!

photos of me by my mom