Day 1: IFB Conference

Yesterday we woke up early and went up to the Independent Fashion Bloggers conference, which was a lot of fun. I actually live blogged the first two speakers, so if you want to see my notes on that, both of them are posted over at IFB. I live blogged Mattias Swenson of Bloglovin' and Phil Oh of Streetpeeper. Live blogging was fun, but kind of stressful! I had to figure out what information I wanted to wean out of their talks to type up on the blog. I felt like my fingers were on fire by the end. It was nice to relax and just listen in for the rest of the speakers. I'm definitely going to write a post about the conference itself, but I'm too tired to try and decompress that whole event right now. I have a lot of thoughts on it that are just buried beneath my exhaustion!

It was fun seeing old friends and meeting a few new ones. It was really fun talking to some of my readers "IRL" (as my Dad would say, haha!). I hope to see more people in the next few days. I always love running into people who read my blog. It never happens in Alaska, so being here around a bunch of fellow bloggers is just super fun.

dress/nanette lepore :: scarf/rare treasure vintage :: shoes/payless

I wore almost exactly the same outfit as I did a few weeks ago, but I like this dress with the scarf, so voila: do over. It's actually a pretty nice temperature in New York right now, which makes it pretty easy to get dressed.
Today I'm going to the Renegade Blogger Meetup in Central Park, which seems like it will be fun. It will be wonderful to be outside instead of trapped indoors all day. I've never really been in Central Park, so I suppose it will also sort of be a touristy day for me as well. I'll definitely try to get some good photos.

I mainly hung out with Tieka and Annie, but I did end up meeting a few people there. Socializing is so tiresome! I seriously could have fallen asleep at 8 pm last night. We ended up going out for some delicious pizza with a couple girls we met at the conference and then headed back to the hotel and just crashed. So exhausted. I don't know about other bloggers, but the ones I know are pretty quiet and reserved, so all this activity is crazy! I'm going to sleep for days when I get home!

photos of me taken by Tieka/Annie