Well, my New York plans are finally nailed down, after some finagling and reorganizing. Unfortunately I booked my plane a few days before I found out about the IFB conference, which was the one thing I was really looking forward to, so I bit the bullet and spent a lot of money to switch my plane flight. But I'm really excited to have everything set to go now. I just have to figure out what to pack and how I'm going to fit it all in my carry on.
I always fly with a carry on, never a checked bag. Not only does it save money, since pretty much all airlines charge to check a bag nowadays, but I like it because I always know where my bag is and never have to wait at the baggage claim. The only thing that's a little troublesome is the fluid restriction. As you can imagine, the amount of conditioner I need to un-dread my hair is rather significant. Oh, and when I go to NYC I ride the subway, so I can't even imagine trying to do that with a big giant checked bag!

dress/courtesy of the novel hunt :: top & shoes/vintage

Maybe I'll do a post on how I pack my carry on to be uber-efficient. Since I live in Alaska, I fly relatively frequently. Unless you want to drive down the AlCan (which takes around 5 days), flying is the only way to get out of the state. I feel like I'm one of those business people who fly all the time for work. I know exactly how to get through security quickly, and how to organize everything properly for efficient flying. I have a little folder where I keep all my flight and travel info/papers. I always look up maps online of airports I've never been to before so I know where I'm going, and I google map pretty much every route I'm going to be taking at my destination unless I know the city. Haha, I'm such a goon. I guess I just like to be prepared. I'm all about flexibility, but I'm not a fan of being caught without a backup plan.