sweeter than honey

Did anyone else watch the Miss Universe pageant last night? Thanks to the wonders of twitter I found out it was on, and since nothing else was going on I decided to veg out and watch a little ridiculousness on the ol' tube. I try not to think too much when I see stuff like that on TV, otherwise I get totally depressed about our society. It was so odd watching all those girls, they all looked remarkably similar. It's such a shame that our culture constantly is telling us as girls and women that to be beautiful we must be a certain way. Be tall! Be skinny! Have ample breasts! Have long straight hair with loose, shiny curls!

Sometimes I feel like the discussion of the issue of body image in our culture is just so tired and never seems to get anywhere, but as long as I feel upset and dissatisfied I know that I'm not buying into the crap they keep trying to feed me about my body. Not that the Miss Universe ladies aren't beautiful and I'm sure most of them are lovely people, but wouldn't it be amazing to see a pageant of just regular non-pageant girls? And I really have no clue how they judge stuff like the bathing suit competition. Seriously, they all have the same body, they all look great in a bikini...what are they scrutinizing? I don't get it. I know a lot more goes on behind the scenes and there are more criteria for judging that we don't see. Still. It's so odd to me. My brain doesn't get it.

dress/forever 21 :: scarf/hand me down :: sister wedge/courtesy of modcloth

Look at how bad my roots are getting! I kinda want to fade them into my red but I'm waiting till we move back home this week to do it. I'm worried I'll ruin the bathroom at this house with my dye. Somehow every time I use dye it ends up getting on something. I can't decide what I want my hair to do for fashion week. Should I blend the dark down into the red, or lighten the dark up a bit to be less stark? I'm eventually thinking of doing an ombre look, but right now the black portion isn't long enough and is just kind of silly. Eh, I'm not sure. I need to dye some of it red again though because the back is really light, almost blonde in places.

Know how when you're in love with someone and you just want to take pictures of them all the time because they're just so amazing and photogenic and blah blah blah gushy stuff....?

... clearly I'm in love.