The Southern Cross

Lately I've been wanting to work at coffee shops again. I mean, I don't really like the customer aspect of being a barista, I don't know maybe I just had some bad customers. But I love making espresso. Maybe I'll get to pick up some barista jobs here and there while I'm on the road. Clearly I'm aching to leave my current job if I'm pining after being a barista. I never thought I'd say I wanted to make coffee again.

I'm hoping RVing will (somehow) strengthen my arms. Since the last 9 months have been spent doing basically nothing but sitting in front of a computer screen, I've become a pile of no muscle and general out-of-shape lameness. I love being active, and the past year or so has been particularly inactive for me. Growing up I was always running around outside, and then from 10 y/o on I rode horses competetively, which was probably when I was in the best shape of my life. Now I struggle to lift the file boxes in the back room at work, which makes me simultaneously depressed and angry. I hate feeling weak. Also, I think I have some sort of tomboy complex which makes me want to be way more hardcore than the boys I know. Currently, my hardcore level is far too low. Maybe I'll go do pushups tonight...

symphony at sea dress & flowers keepers skirt/courtesy of modcloth :: shoes/seychelles

It's the time of year that nasty huge spiders come out and they're all over. Makes it difficult to go tromping around outside. I'm not as scared of spiders as I was when I was younger, but I still would rather avoid them altogether. Why are spiders so damn scary? They're relatively harmless besides being nasty looking and creepy crawly. Last week at work I was just sitting at my desk working on something in Illustrator when my hand kind of had an itch so I looked down and this spider was just perched right there on my hand while I was clicking the mouse and everything. I squealed and lept up, so creepy. I'm glad my coworker was gone. Luckily I was the only one in the room so no one saw my spazz attack. Of course the rest of the day my hand kept feeling phantom spiders.