le fabuleux destin

I was on my favorite decor blog, Design*Sponge, and I saw one of their great "living in" posts, where they take a great film and translate the setting into fabulous home decor. The one yesterday was for Amelie and I realized I hadn't seen the movie since around when it came out, so I hopped over to netflix thinking to myself that I couldn't possibly have such luck that it would actually be on instant play, but lo! It was on instant play, and so I watched it again last night. It's such a charming film. I love movies that have atypical love stories because the "romance" movies made so often here in the states portray such a homogenized version of falling in love. Pretty much all romance movies in the US have the same plot, or variations of a similar theme. I love the story of these two odd ball introverts with odd idiosyncrasies falling in love from afar. I resonate a lot more with that kind of story than with the ridiculous romantic comedies coming out every few months.

My favorite part of this movie is the narration of the weird things that people like or dislike. Pretty funny stuff. I actually wonder a lot of odd things like Amelie does. I think that foreign films have a lot more artistic leeway than US movies. Then again, they are made for different audiences. In college my friends used to rent obscure foreign films and we'd all watch them. We were so sophisticated, no? Hahah. I don't really remember that many of them, but I liked watching them and getting a different perspective.

This "incognito" look was one of my favorites. I haven't worn headscarves in such a long time and I've been longing to lately. They just look so retro and chic.

If you haven't seen Amelie yet, do so! If you have netflix you can watch it right now on instant play!