do me a solid

Look who's wearing solids! I have to admit, it's particularly difficult finding solids in my closet. I have a few, but I often just find myself pairing them with all the prints that I have. I never really thought I'd have a "signature style" or be known for doing something in fashion, but so many people comment on my print mixing! I never noticed myself doing it before all of your comments, but I've started noticing how often I wear prints and/or mix them. My mom never gave me any style rules growing up, so I never "learned" not to make fashion mistakes, which is probably why I mix prints without a second thought. I'm glad I didn't grow up being taught fashion. There are so many better things for a child to learn about and discover than the dos and don'ts of fashion.

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Living simply. I've been thinking a lot about this lately. Being on the cusp of living on the road in the Brave, as well as reading and thinking a lot, has made me evaluate where I want my life to go and how I want to live. Growing up I was never really deprived of anything. Not that I asked for things, nor were things lavished upon me, I just grew up very comfortably. I was never spoiled, and I think my parents taught me very well when it comes to monetary responsibility. At the same time, I look at the life my parents have and I don't think it's the life I want. I'm not sure this is necessarily a criticism of their lives, I mean how supremely rude would it be for me be all, "Hey parents, thanks for giving me the most incredible life ever. By the way, the way you live is materialistic and stupid" That's not my intention at all (hi, Mom and Dad). I don't know, I'm just wanting a simpler existence. Less about aquiring things, and more about acquiring relationships. This has a lot more to do with spirituality than anything else. That's intentionally vague (for now). Most of the thoughts I'm having are nascent and not fully formed quite yet.

I'd like to post a lot more of what goes on in my brain. I used to do that a lot more, but recently I've just been posting outfits. Nothing wrong with that, I love posting outfits, but I really would like to include more brain activity. You're probably going to be getting a lot more of that, especially with me beginning my journey soon. Be not afraid, dear reader! I'll try to be as coherent as possible. I have a lot of brain stuff to share with you guys and feel like I haven't had the time to include it in my posts.