you are a waterfall waiting inside a well

I did outfit photos a couple days ago and then when I looked through them decided I hated the outfit and went and changed, but I liked this picture, so here it is. I think I just like the contrast of colors, with the fuschia Fireweed, green sweater, and red hair.

It's funny, I'm already thinking about the end of my journey, before it even starts (I mean, assuming the journey ever really ends...). I know I will love being on the road. It's a very natural place for me to be, I think. At the same time, I know it will be hard not having a home base. It was funny, Simon and Little Bit were play fighting downstairs the other night, and every once in a while Simon would run over to the stairs and sit down on the first step. It always looked like he would run there and say "BASE!" with his body language. Little Bit wasn't allowed to get him when he was on the stair. Too cute. But the concept of having a base, a place where you are safe and nothing can get you, it's a comforting one, and I'm kind of giving it up. Thinking about not having a base for a while has made me start thinking about my eventual return to a base. I'd like to end the trip having a base of my own, not just coming back to my parents.

I think I really want to end up by the ocean. Definitely Pacific Northwest. I've discovered that I really love the rain and the ocean. I just like being on the coast. It feels so free. Like you could just get in a ship and leave. Looking over the ocean is like seeing possibilities. I'm not sure if I'd like being landlocked. I guess when I close my eyes, I always see myself parked by the ocean in the Winne.

And I feel like I'm going to always like living in small, simple, organic houses (for some reason I see the Brave as being organic, even though it's a metal box on wheels with an engine). My best friends in Talkeetna are living in a Yurt, and I used to think they were weird and hokey, (and I generally dislike circles in design...) but I really love the simplicity and openness of their Yurt. Plus, it's a really simple way to live. And then I discovered this whole tiny house movement, which is super cool. I think maybe I just like tiny houses and motorhomes because they are very much like playhouses and treehouses, both of which I adored as a child. I used to try and build really makeshift treehouses with my neighbor friends in the woods behind our houses. We would play "bush family" instead of "house"... you may have to be Alaskan to really understand that. I digress.

I love the idea of living very simply. I loathe any sort of debt, so living in an inexpensive house like a Yurt or even my Winnebago (inexpensive as long as it's not sucking down gasoline) is extremely attractive to me. Of course, this is all very far ahead, so I'm not planning anything, just getting seeds planted in my brain.