Waiting in the Wings

This dress has spent a lot of quality time languishing in closets. I bought it back in college, and it was a full length, long sleeve dress– very 70's boho. Since I'm quite short, the maxi length just was never going to work. I didn't really get into altering dresses until this past year, so until then it remained in my closet, waiting. I finally realized that I was never going to wear it as it was, so I might as well alter it to make it more comfortable. I chopped quite a bit off the bottom, and then cut the sleeves off at the little lattice detail (the sleeves used to be kind of like poofy genie sleeves below that!). I'm thinking of changing the lining underneath. It's some god awful "fabric" that feels more like a tablecloth than a dress. Something more flowy would make the dress move better. As it is now the dress almost has a fabric crinoline keeping it's shape.

dress/vintage :: shoes/kensiegirl :: necklace/mousevox vintage

I wore this dress for Easter sunday, but never got a picture of it. I wore some little purple heels with it then, but I decided to go a little less Betty Draper this time and put on my Kensiegirl boots instead. After I chopped this dress, it felt a lot more Betty Draper than 70's boho hippie. More girly Betty. She tends to wear pretty frivolous young dresses, so I imagine a young Betty would be drawn to a dress like this. Can you tell I'm getting excited for the new season. I'm just surviving on Tom and Lorenzo's Mad Style posts until the new season starts. I can't wait to see how Betty's style evolves now that the 60's are in full swing and she's a (quasi) liberated woman. Also, I hope Peggy dresses more chic and grown-up. Ah! So excited!

Similarly to the characters on Mad Men, I too feel myself evolving– both personally and style-wise. I feel like I'm in an awkward puberty stage. There are times I ache to get out of this house and on the road. To just escape. Other times I become afraid of the whole daunting future. I'm in limbo. I can't yet go, but I'm tired of staying. I know I have a habit of running away. I just get up and leave without telling anyone. Anyone who has been around me much knows this. I'm not entirely sure what it means. I'm hoping I'll be able to settle somewhere without having to run away. Eventually. I know I'm not afraid of commitment. I run to see if anyone is chasing. Often the case is that no one is behind me. Perhaps one day when someone chases me down, I'll finally be able to settle down.