The retrospective

Since it was pouring rain last night, and I didn't have an umbrella or the desire to go out in the rain, I thought it'd be fun to post some of my favorite summer outfits from last year. I think I did that for spring, and since it's smack dab in the middle of summer it seems like an appropriate time for a retrospective of last season. Also, remember when I didn't have red hair? Also, hey look, this was before I chopped a bunch of it off!

That last look I pretty much copied in yesterday's post! What can I say, favorite skirt + favorite plaid top= super comfy outfit. Summer outfits aren't that much different from fall or spring outfits. Alaska never has a sweltering summer, so it's not necessary to dress for extreme heat. Thus, I still do quite a bit of layering and wearing of sweaters/tights.

This post reminds me of a comment I got asking me to talk about how I chose where to take my photos. It kind of all depends on my mood and what kind of time is available for my pictures. If I'm feeling lazy or don't have a lot of time to spend, I'll usually just go in my back yard and do them. This is why I had so many pictures featuring that truck on our neighbor's lot! I really like taking pictures in nature, or around more weathered buildings. The textures seem to jive with my style and hair. I feel silly trying to take pictures in a more urban setting. Plus, since I do all my own pictures with my tripod and self timer, doing pictures in the woods or natural settings makes it a lot easier. I have to focus on something where I'll be standing, otherwise I'll be out of focus when I run in front of the camera (doesn't it just sound so glamourous?).

Some days (weekends) I go on photo adventures and drive around trying to find somewhere cool to do my pictures. I'm still kind of shy when it comes to doing my pictures in public. Not really because I'm embarrassed, just because I don't really have the desire to respond to the obvious question, "what are you doing?" If I had a significant other to take my pictures I'd do it all the time in more populated areas, simply because it's normal to have another human being taking your picture. Not so much: lugging around a tripod and running back and forth setting the timer. It seems like such a natural thing to do when I'm alone, I don't realize how strange my actions are until I'm around people who don't know what I'm doing.

It will be fun and daring to find places to do my photos on the road. I have a feeling some shoots will be extremely remote, while others may be among fellow campers. I suppose it could be a good way to meet people. I'm usually opposed to meeting people, but on the road my purpose kind of is to meet people and see slices of life from other people's perspectives, so hopefully I can shed a little bit of my introverted shell.