the mitosis in my mind

Look what the cat dragged in. Little ol' me wearing the same skirt I wore yesterday. Sometimes I love a Delightful Dozen item so much that I just have to wear it twice before I send it along! I think I like yesterday's outfit better, but only by a little. I'm liking this chunky heel fad that's been going on this year. I used to hate them, but being chunky makes heels seem less formal, which I'm all about. The stiletto is too sexy and done up for every day wear– at least for a casual girl like myself. Granted, if I actually had any reason at all to look sexy, I'd definitely drag out my stilettos but alas– my most romantic encounters only occur in my dreams with fictional TV characters (more on that in a bit).

Perhaps what feels off about this outfit is that my hair is up. To be honest, the reason I had my hair up was... it was disgusting. I very rarely put my hair up. My face looks strange to me without my hair surrounding it. Maybe I should try to wear it up more. Keiko wears her hair up all the the time and she always makes me want to try wearing mine up. I wish I could do my hair like Joan Holloway from Mad Men. Every screen shot of her is just flawless. Those perfectly sculpted curls are just so incredibly vintage. I wish I had the energy in the morning to do my hair like they did in the 40's and 50's.

top/thrifted :: shirt/courtesy of modcloth :: skirt/UO via Leproust Vintage (Delightful Dozen) :: shoes/kensiegirl

I've been having some funny dreams lately. Dreams that tell me my life is lived through television and internet, rather than actual living. I've had a couple dreams that have had other bloggers in them (that makes me so creepy, huh? Haha!), and then I had another dream with a character from a show I've been devouring via whole seasons on DVD. I'm such a goon. There is a time for all things, and for the time being I'm living life more in my mind than in the real world.

Speaking of the real world, I'd better get to figuring out how to get to work from this new homestead! I have a feeling my route will be equidistant, so unfortunately I don't get to wake up any later. Drat. You all should know how much I love me some sleep... Goodbye weekend, hello sleep deprivation!

I thought I'd better post the winner of the Chictopia Chic Point giveaway before the week got crazy busy! The winner of the 5,000 chic points is:

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