It's a family affair

Yesterday was such a good day. Guess what I got. A basket for my bike! It was one of those days in Anchorage which just make it 100% worth living here. Not a cloud in the sky, high 60's, and nothing to do (well, no work, that is) except ride around on my blue bike! Plus, I was quasi-productive by going to the post office and sending the huge pile of packages I've been meaning to mail out. Oh, and I mowed the lawn! So productive. It was the day I've been needing.
Little Bit and I took a bike ride over to City Market, and it was so pleasant. I'm seriously feeling like the people in this part of town are so much more my type. I love the part of town I grew up in, but it's very suburban family, which means I didn't really interact with anyone I could see myself becoming friends with. I've had more human interaction on just my trips to City Market than I have in months at my old house. Then again, it's probably due to the more dense population here. I never rode my bike anywhere at my old house. Cheers to living in new places and discovering a different side of your hometown!

dress/family affairs (delightful dozen via sally jane vintage) :: shoes/kensiegirl

I got this dress and it was really long on me! I should probably try wearing longer dresses and skirts, just to branch out with different silhouettes, but today was so warm and sunny that I decided to just pin it up and give it a little makeshift bubble hem. It actually ended up being a little shorter than I wanted, haha! I like that it totally transformed the dress. This dress has been sitting in my closet for probably two months and I feel terrible that I've been hiding it away! Hopefully it will be styled more frequently after it leaves the black hole of my closet and makes its way to greener pastures on the Delightful Dozen circuit.

Today I think I'm going to take another trip to the post office. I have a proposal to send off to Winnebago Industries! I figure it's a long shot, but I love my Winnebago so much I figure I might as well try.
I'm also going to be updating the Shop today, it's been a couple days since I posted new things.