Wind in the Willows

Though the wind has subsided for the past couple days, these photos are from the weekend when the atmosphere was decidedly less tranquil. Dealing with the wind was quite an ordeal! I tried two times to go out to Beluga Point to take pictures because it's just stunningly beautiful out there, but the wind was so strong it nearly blew me over. Only a couple pictures turned out from there. It's kind of a touristy spot too, so I kept being interrupted by lookie-loos. So here I am, back in my usual spot, with the usual suspects... plane, truck, dog.

dress/modcloth (from Tieka) :: shirt/jcrew (mom hand-me-down)
necklace/handmade :: shoes/thrifted

Yesterday was summer solstice and I started thinking that I wished I could've made something of that day. I wish I could've been outside for all 19 hours the sun was above the horizon and then languished in the twilight of the other 5 hours before the sun came up again. I wished I could've spent the entire day with a human being I loved, but alas. For now I am a lone wolf. Then I began hoping that maybe next solstice I could do something special. I don't even know where I'll be by then. Still RVing? I can't even begin to guess. Thinking back to last solstice, I'm not exactly sure where I was, but I know I was in the midst of being broken up with and leaving the city I called home for four years. It was the beginning of rough seas.

Years seem to go by so quickly. We are already halfway through 2010. How does time simultaneously seem to go by so quickly, and yet one year from now I know for a fact that I will look back and say, "If you had told me one year ago that I'd be here doing this, I wouldn't have believed you." I am hoping for good things while the earth makes its travels about the sun again. For some reason this seems more like the start of my year than January 1. I like the idea of being on a more celestial calendar. Who the hell is inspired in the dead of winter on January 1? All I want to do is eat left over Christmas cookies and sit around being warm and lazy inside. Summer solstice seems like a better time to start a new year. Thinking about what I'll be doing between now and then next time the sun is this high in the sky.