you buy 'em, we'll fly 'em

I decided to try to put my hair in victory curls again. I haven't done it since I got bangs, but they worked! I never use a curling iron, so it was an ordeal trying to not burn myself... and I did. I have a little scab on my forehead now. Luckily I have bangs so you can't actually see it. Actually, I felt really weird in the victory curls this time, so I took them out after a couple hours. Fact: it is impossible to make your bangs look normal after having them in victory curls.

Speaking of hair: I got an appointment for tomorrow to get my roots done, so I'm gonna be a full-on redhead for about one more month and then!.. Something new?! I can't decide what to do yet. I've decided that eventually I'm gonna go black, sometime in the near future, but in between now and then, who knows! One thing is for sure: gotta be hella low maintenance for the Brave trip. That's right. I said, "hella." What is this, 2005?

dress/vintage :: belt/ralph lauren via mom :: boots/kensiegirl :: hat/claire's

It was actually raining while I was taking these photos, I couldn't believe it! Something non-frozen falling from the sky! I feel like such a goon for being excited about rain. I do like rain though. Rain always feels so peaceful. Snow does sometimes too, but if it snows this time of year, all it does is make me feel angry and agitated. I'm glad for the rain, though. Hopefully it'll start making all the brown things turn green. We still don't have leaves on our trees yet, and only a couple have little leaf buds. Summer is trying so hard to happen! It will come soon enough. I can't wait.