I could go anywhere with you.

I cannot believe I'm writing this post, you guys. I'm like. Speechless. Okay, I'm not speechless, I'm practically overflowing with thoughts, but they probably won't come out in a logical flow of understandable english. I got it you guys! The one! The soulmate! I've been holding this in for 24 hours, I couldn't bear to get you all excited about another Winne without it actually going through (plus, I think I'm kind of superstitious and I like to surprise people).

It's so perfect, you guys. So. Perfect. I saw it on Craigslist and I was like, "Oh my God. It's the one." This is the exact year and model that I have been crazy about since I first became interested in them about three years ago. I mean, I painted this one in 2007 and it was my "flagship" piece for my Junior Exhibition.

It was listed last night at 8:21 pm and I saw it at about 9 pm, drove out to look at it at 10 pm. Then tonight I took her for a test drive and about an hour and a half later ... transaction!! Unbelievable. She drives like an absolute dream. And when you toot the horn, it's like the most cute, non-threatening honk of all time. Haha! Charming.

I feel so thrilled about my life right now. Right before I went over to see the Brave tonight, I pulled out my phone and decided it was time to delete all my old saved text messages from James. Not out of spite or anger or sadness, I just realized that it was time for me to start making room for good things to come into my life. My inbox was so full from all the text messages I saved from our time together that it literally would overflow and I wouldn't have room for new texts until I deleted a couple. It was kind of a physical manifestation of my emotional status and clearing out that inbox made me feel like I made room in my heart and life for new happiness to enter. It seriously felt like I cleaned out a room in my heart that was full of kind of moldy old memories and now it's clean and ready for good things to come in!

1973 Winnebago Brave D-20T

So I guess, technically today marks the beginning of the Brave Journey! I'm going to do some exploring of my own state this summer, since it's such an incredibly beautiful land. Besides, it'll be good to get to know all the bells and whistles while I'm still close to home. Work out all the kinks. I might be working overtime this Friday, but if not, I think I'll crack a bottle of champagne across her bow and go for a maiden voyage to Talkeetna!!!

Open road, here I come!