Brave New World

Wow, has life become exceedingly busy this week! I think I'm going back out to Talkeetna with my friend Rebecca tonight. I'd love to take the Brave to show all my friends, but I think it may have to stay home this time. I need to get all my ducks in a row and get my ass down to the DMV (ugh) to transfer the title and registration, get an I/M test done and get insurance.
I have to work overtime today which is quasi-lame, but oh well. The Benjamins gotta come from somewhere, am I right? Apparently this is one of the busiest times of the year, so we're trying to knock out all our projects due next week. I feel like I'm doing pretty well at my job. I'd like to be able to make designs that are actually designed by me rather than just taking a customer's design idea and making that. Oh well. Life would just be too perfect then, right?

I tried to get an outfit documented last night, but wasn't super successful. I was a nerd, though, and decided that my first outfit post with the Brave needed to match the Brave. Haha. Revel in my gooniness. Tan and white! We're matchy-matchy! (doesn't that skirt match the stripes way too perfectly?). And we're both Vintage! Woo!

top/Leproust Vintage :: skirt/vintage

I wanted to thank you guys for all your amazing comments on my Brave post. I'm so excited that all of you are excited too! It was such a wonderful outpouring of support and I can't tell you guys how much it means to me. It's such a privilege to be able to talk you all with me via the interwebs!
I know that not all of you have been around Delightfully Tacky since the nascence of the whole Brave project. I thought I'd go back to the first post I did on the idea and kind of fill everyone in on the who, what, where, why, how of it all. Here's what I said back then:

"So, I was supposed to be going to San Francisco later this month for Grad School. I have decided that this is not the right move for me, not right now at least. It all feels much too rushed and just, not right. It’s a strange and inarticulable feeling, to say the least. I feel I am doing the right thing though. I had to ask myself, “If I was going to do anything I wanted right now what would it be?” My answer was, “If I could do anything I wanted, I would buy an early 70’s Winnebago Brave and be a vagabond, chronicling my journeys on my blog and in the form of a book which I would write over the course of my wanderings. Preferably with a dog and/or friend.”
... I will find my perfect soulmate of a Winnebago yet, and when I do (and when I have sufficient funds to take said journey) I will take you all with me, through this blog!!!
... As of now, I’m still going to be taking grad courses, but just online and I’ll be raising money for my life-dream here at home in Alaska." -Jan 5, 2010

A few things have change since then. Not much, though. One change, I actually dropped out of my online Grad courses, so, while it kind of feels like a total loss, I think it was probably just a (really expensive) learning process. Online classes are so not for me, and I've learned my lesson.

Okay, wait, that was the only thing that changed. Haha. So yeah! The plan is to just get in it, hit the highway and go! I want go all over the country, seeing places, meeting people, finding old friends, finding new friends, making art, writing, taking pictures, and so on. The duration is not set. I'm just going to go and go until I can't go no mo'. And the plan to write a book is still on. I'd love to write a book that was full of my experiences, as well as drawings, photographs, poetry, etc. More of an art book than a novel. I don't really know what genre of book that's classified as. Oh, and I still want a dog. My mom just emailed me this today. I die! So cute.

I'm going to be chronicling all things Brave related, so if you want to keep tabs on Brave stuff you can click my little link in my left sidebar that has a picture of a winne and says "DROVE."

With all the Brave excitement I nearly forgot to pull the winner of the Threadsence Giveaway! The winner is...

Jennifer from Fashion Nerdom!

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