The truth is out there

Does anyone else feel like there are just simply not enough hours in a day? I mean, it's not like I'm busy doing things I don't want to be doing. Well, I mean, work isn't really my favorite place to be, but I like my job and I'm making money, so I'm certainly not wasting time there. So I spend 10 hours of my day there, well, 11 counting lunch, then I come home and I have six hours until I absolutely must be in bed. All those hours are spend taking photographs and blogging and catching up on internet things.

I'm hoping that once the Brave comes into my life I'll still have time to do all the things I love doing! I promise to take lots of photos of my progress on whatever Brave I end up getting. Right now I'm praying for the right thing to happen at the right time. Things are kind of out of my hands for the time being, so I'm trying to remain calm and constantly remind myself that things will come together at the right time and in the right way.

dress/wet seal :: shirt/thrifted :: boots/target

I'm just so excited to get working on it, you know? I hope you guys don't mind me rambling on about Winnebago stuff. I'll probably have a new photo pal, too, haha. I'm actually kind of hoping to get one that's a little run down. I feel like we'll bond over the restoration process. Okay, I have to stop talking about this, I'm getting too antsy!

Before I went outside the thermometer said it was 57 degrees, but I'm calling BS on that. It was so not 57 degrees. I'm gonna say 47 degrees at most. Such a gross dreary day! My computer tells me that the sun will come out this weekend and I'm eagerly awaiting its arrival!
Speaking of arrival, one of my best friends from Washington is coming up for the summer! He'll be arriving sometime this weekend and I can't wait! He's gonna be living about 3 hours away from me, but with my 3 day weekends I hope to get out there. Maybe you'll actually see pictures of me being social!

Oh, and just a friendly reminder! You can get 15% off at Vintage Strings through the end of the month with the promo code "delight15"! Take advantage before April comes to a close!