I thinned my blood till I could faintly see

Since my red hair was inspired by my mom, I thought it only appropriate to do a post with some of my favorite photos from when she was my age. These ones are actually from when she was a little bit younger, in high school. I don't know what it is about vintage photographs that make the world just look magical. If I could live in photographs they would all be photos from the 60's and 70's.

We always make fun of my mom because somehow her cheerleading uniforms got thrown/given away, and so whenever we can't find some sort of family heirloom we joke that it was thrown out with the cheerleading uniform. I wish it could magically appear! It's so dang cute! Both the sweater + pleated skirt and the jumper. I die!

I'm a pretty notorious pack rat (though I'm reforming my ways in some aspects) so I'm hoping I'll get to give cool things to my kids from my childhood. A couple things in my closet are vintage from my mom. She has an amazing pair of high waisted white bell bottoms, but my ass acquired some of my dad's side of the family's booty genes and there is no way in hell those pants are fitting my more generous thighs/hips/butt. It's a bummer cuz those pants are just awesome. Also, I wish she'd kept the Doobie Brothers tee in the photo below. Too cool!

It's weird because I still kind of see her like this. I wonder if I will always see myself as I am now. My grandma said how even though she is 88 years old, in her mind she's still in her 20's. Wiser, of course, but still spry of mind. I hope this is the case for myself.

//listening to: Karli Fairbanks and Dane Ueland