Black-eyed angels swam with me

I'm trying to tap into florals up here to give a hint to the climate that I would like to see florals in real life. I've never really been a florals person before, but I've recently discovered that I'm becoming more open to different things. I'm very much a creature of habit. When I was a little kid all I would wear were dresses and leggings, then as an older kid I would only wear big t-shirts and sweatpants, then as a teenager I would only wear jeans and t-shirts. Now I'm in this place where I've become free to wear whatever I want and I don't really care. It's actually quite liberating. I feel much more creative in what I wear because I'm not habitually bound to wearing a certain type of thing. I used to hate florals and polka dots and stripes and now I would love to wear all of those... maybe even at the same time!

dress + tights/courtesy of modcloth :: necklace/handmade :: boots/kensiegirl

When I saw the floral dress Tieka wore a couple weeks ago I fell in love with the gorgeous print. This dress is the same print, but paired with a beautiful ivory lace accent. I instantly fell in love the moment I took it out of the packaging. I predict I will be wearing it multiple times this spring and summer. I thought it was fun paring the floral dress with the graphic tights. Kind of opposite of my usual. I normal wear floral tights with more graphic tops.

I watched An Education last night. The fashion was really lovely. I would love to wear any of the outfits that Jenny wore in the film. Carey Mulligan was such a doll. The plot wasn't earth shattering. It was a good story. Not stupid, but not life changing. I have to say, though, every time I see a film like that it makes me want to take up smoking, haha!
I had to rent something though. I'm housesitting this weekend and so I'm kind of enjoying the "retreat". Yes, there are strawberries and Nutella involved. The tiny fuzzy dog I'm watching at this house was totally freaked out when I first showed up. All it would do is growl at me and sulk in the corner, but now it's chilling out next to me. Thank goodness!