Big. Wild. Life.

Well, my hockey season is over but I didn't forget that I was going to show you guys pictures! I"m #2 on the green team (in the center of the first photo, and shooting in the last photo). It was really fun to play! I'm glad I chose to go for it and join the team, even if I only got to play half a season. It was something that was on my 23 before 24 list (which I never shared with you guys. I need to rectify that).

I cannot believe that yesterday it was below freezing here in Alaska, and in NYC it was 90 degrees!! I realize that it's Alaska and all, but this is just plain depressing. Go away, snow! I woke up yesterday and my car was covered in snow. I had to scrape the ice off of it. And then I saw at least 10 ditch-diver tire tracks into the median on my way to work. And then! We had an earthquake! Haha. Oh, Alaska. "Big. Wild. Life." is Anchorage's motto, which I think is contrived and stupid (why do cities need catchphrases??), but I guess at times the motto rings true!

If any of you are thinking of vacationing in the Last Frontier, please consider it! Come visit me and I'll take you around! A bunch of my friends from college came up and spent the summers here the past two summers and one of my best friends is coming up again this summer, I can't wait! One of my friends was brave enough to stay the entire winter in Anchorage and another one of my friends is probably more Alaskan than I for spending an entire winter in Fairbanks, where temperatures like to hang out around -40 degrees F.
Anyway, if anyone is coming up to this gorgeous state this summer, give me a shout!