William Clark Chamberlain

I loved reading all your comments on my last post! I have felt like, in the past year, someting new is being birthed in fashion journalism. I especially feel that since attending the IFB conference and hearing how so many of us in the blogging world feel about fashion and fashion journalism in general.

I should clarify that I don't hate all fashion magazines as a blanket statement. I don't hate Vogue as a whole, though I disagree with much of its contents and what it represents. And I don't literally hate Anna Wintour. I actually quite admire her strength and tenacity. But. I feel like traditional fashion journalism is dying. We're not in the 50's any more. Women don't need to be force fed trends, we're so much more independent now and feel comfortable and able formulating our own opinions, rather than being told what to think. And when I say "traditional" I don't mean "print". I for one ADORE print (what can I say, I was a printmaking major!). Web based is great too. The immediacy, the social aspect, the amazing resources available at fingertip. There is nothing like holding a magazine in your hands though. Or seeing the photograph in person, not just in digital format on a screen. Tactility is really important to me. When I used to run my old fashion magazine, there was nothing more joyful than holding the first proof of my issue in my hands, physically. It was amazing.

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I think publications like NYLON are "getting it" a lot more than others. I like that I can see affordable outfits and more interesting and "out there" trends. I'd love to do a magazine that was focused on street style, thrifting, vintage, and the occasional designer piece. This is basically what CORSAIR was and I loved every minute of working on that magazine.
I don't mean to hate on designers. I understand the incredible work they go through to create such stunning clothing, and it's expensive for a reason, not just arbitrarily. I feel like designer duds are much more representative though. Those of us who could never dream of owning a designer piece can still take part in the dialogue the designer is sharing with us by being inspired by the outfits and clothing he or she makes.
I think I'm going to stick out the semester and reevaluate stuff in June. I'm taking three classes and I'm only supposed to be taking two, so I did actually overload myself... I'm an overachiever, which can be good or disastrous. Taking classes in Alaska when my school is in San Francisco makes things difficult, and while I'd love to be able to go to class physically, I don't regret not moving to SF. It would have been the wrong timing and I'm sure I would feel even more overwhelmed than I am now.

Okay, so less about my life and thoughts, and more about the outfit! I grabbed this photo from tumblr the other day and decided I must recreate this outfit and thus, today's outfit of mine was born. I'll let you in on a secret: There's more about this photo I'm going to emulate, but I'm not telling just yet....

Also, my photos are from the horse show grounds near my work! I can't even estimate how many hours I've spent in these stalls. Though, I've never been there during winter! There was so much snow! I forgot that it snowed while I was in Hawaii and I tried to go my usual route and found myself up to my hips in snow. Yeah. I was wearing tights. It was cold. Luckily someone had plowed the road to the barns (which I did not know at first) so I made my way over to the road and didn't have to wade through the snow anymore.