Show and Tell Sunday

This photo from Sally Jane Vintage (by her amazing photographer, Tom) is just so majestic. It almost feels like a still from some amazing mid-century film. All of her photos are incredible but this one is just perfection.

My favorite baby blogger, Dear Baby, had her baby a couple months ago and it was so wonderful to watch her journey through pregnancy, so I was so excited when Bleubird Vintage announced she was pregnant! So far her baby posts have been so adorable and I love the way she is styling her pregnancy outfits.

I just discovered Modern Day Charm recently, and I have to say, this is one adorable girl. Her outfits are effortlessly pretty and she exudes this happy radiance, which is so nice to see. She only just started her blog a few weeks ago, so go say hi and click through her archives. I can't wait to see more from her!

Delightfully Tacky has been out and about on the web a bit lately! I was featured at Bows and Bandits in a little street style section. Bows & Bandits is a great vintage boutique, and beside each street style photo they posted, they gave examples from their shop of items to get a similar look!

I was also featured at Mode Republic as their new cover girl! They're currently running a contest to be the next cover girl and a prize of $200.