Pints of Guinness Make You Strong

I think I'm getting a better attitude about school. I still don't really care much for most of the writing I'm doing, but I think I'm learning more about what I like to write about. While I loathe writing about trends and runways, I really like writing about people and places and music. Those three things just have so much more interest. I guess I could write catchy deks all day long telling you to "Release your inner child with this season’s fun-loving rompers," but there's nothing there that has any interest to me. There's no story, no emotions to describe, no conflict. No passion. I know some people can do it, but that kind of writing turns my brain to mush.

dress/F21 :: lace dress & boots/lulu e. bebe :: belt/brighton

Well, I'm kind of behind on outfits. This is from St. Paddy's day! Had to wear some green. I tried to wear my green tights, but I ended up not. St. Paddy's day as a whole kind of turned out to be awful. Some how I got the stomach flu and spent some quality face time with my toilet all night. The awesome thing about being sick on St. Patrick's day is that you can't really call into work sick the next day and expect them to believe you. "No really, I have the stomach flu!" "Riiiight, get your hungover ass to work." Just my luck, right?! Haha!

I hope you guys' St. Patrick's day was more fun than mine! Geez, I'm so far behind on life, eh? I need to catch up to real time. My life needs Tivo to fast forward to the present!