I wanna be where your heart is home

Yup, I still have photos left over from Hawaii! Thank goodness, since my camera situation is kind of a bummer right now. Red hair pictures will have to wait!
I found this top at a little shop/tourist trap in Kihei, and I couldn't figure out if it was amazingly tacky or just amazing. Either way was okay with me. It had the perfect v-neck and the perfect short sleeves (I loathe most t-shirt sleeves. I want to murder whoever invented cap-sleeve t-shirts). The print reminded me of a vintage Hawaiian shirt too, so all aspects considered, it was a must-buy.

skirt + sandals/thrifted :: top/shop in Kihei :: necklace/vintage

I'm interested to see how red hair effects how I dress. Or if it will change how I dress at all. So far I've been just rocking t-shirts and jeans for comfy days at work. I've decide that unless I'm feeling extremely proactive, I'm not going to "dress-up" for work. Not that I consider my usual outfits "dressing up" but they certainly aren't geared towards a 10 hour day in front of a computer. I'm far too lazy/low maintenance for such things. When I was in high school I would wake up like 15 minutes before I had to be out the door. I basically brushed my teeth and put on jeans and a tshirt and my skater shoes and left without looking in the mirror. I should find some "vintage" pictures of me in high school. It could be a fun trip down memory lane!

Okay, before I forget...

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