buried at the bottom of a brackish lake

My poor camera has been taking a beating! On wednesday my tripod broke, and now my lens is broken! Blogging is a treacherous world, my friends. I feel like I need Canon to sponsor me. Wouldn't it be great if camera companies sponsored bloggers? I saw something on Tumblr about Canon having to throw away new cameras and lenses for some reason (a tragedy of epic proportions if it's in fact true), so they must have spare camera stuff right? Haha! If only! I do have a back-up lens though, so no worries, blogging will continue as usual.

When I was doing my photos by that truck the other day, I found this little stack of wood and tires. When I was younger we used to make forts and stuff down here and I wonder if this is left over from then. One of my favorite things about growing up in Alaska is all the outdoor fun we had as kids (and still have as adults!). I spent hours and hours outside tromping through the woods pretending to be a Native or a dog musher or some other rugged persona. We'd make forts and come up with imaginary stories in which we were main characters. Instead of playing "house" we used to play "bush family." I remember mushing up leaves and bark pretending to make some sort of medical salve, and "fishing" by using a stick to pull clumps of grass out of ponds (the bigger the clump of grass, the bigger the fish, obviously). I hope that when I have kids I live somewhere they can have as much creative fun as I did as a kid.

dress/baby says boutique via delightful dozen :: belt/forever 21
boots/target :: necklace/courtesy of dolly and boy

When I saw Tieka wear this dress I just fell in love with it! I was so excited when she put it up for the Delightful Dozen swap! Unfortunately, it's a little short on me! ...which is hard to imagine, since I'm only 5'1". But I worked with it and wore my favorite tights to make it mall-visiting appropriate (you'll learn why I visited the mall tomorrow. It's gonna be a BIG surprise!!! If you've been frequenting my Tumblr, you may have a clue...)