Victorian Sensibilities

It's been snowing for like two days here! I guess it's snowing all over the country. I heard rumors of DC getting dumped on. Luckily up here we're well prepared for such weather.
Today I bought my airline tickets to NYFW! It's going to be crazy spending a week in NYC with all these fabulous fashionable people, and here I am, this little girl from Alaska. I always feel pretty chic up here, but in NYC? Needless to say I am brainstorming like mad for outfits! I really really don't want to check a bag (I am always afraid they'll lose my bags, and I like being able to avoid waiting around for my bags to get off the plane), so I'm going to try and shove all my clothes into a little carry-on.

shorts & scarf/F21 from Idée Géniale :: blazer/thrifted :: shoes/payless

This is another Delightful Dozen look! The shorts and scarf are from Idée Géniale, and they're so fun! I have like two pairs of shorts and I don't like them that much. I can rarely find a pair of shorts that is flattering on me (though, truth be told, I haven't been looking that hard). I like these ones though! They're just fun and cute.

I've been pretty excited starting my new classes. I'm learning a lot more about "high" fashion– looking through designers' collections. I think what I'm most looking forward to is seeing the references to historical fashions in contemporary designs. Right now we're looking at Victorian fashions and seeing how contemporary designers use design elements from those Victorian styles (bustles/corsetry/high necked blouses/leg-of-mutton sleeves).
I learned the same thing in reference to other forms of art when I took all my art history classes for undergrad, but it's neat to see how fashion really is just another form of art, sculptural in nature, with the body as the framework. Pretty fascinating stuff.

McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier, Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier
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